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Operating your LA-Z-BOY chair for maximum comfort  
Rocker recliner chair 
1. Rocker action : LA-Z-BOY  rocker chairs are engineered to offer a smooth and controlled body motivated action. 
2. To raise the footrest : There are three footrest positions to choose from. Simply pull back the handle on the side of the chair 
 and listen for the “ click ” as it reaches each position. If your chair is  recliner – rocker, once the footrest is raised, it will cease to rock. 
 When closing the footrest, ensure to rotate the handle to the highest position before turning back to the original position.
3. Adjusting the back rest tension : A pair of simple wing nuts located under each side of the chair are used to adjust the recliner 
 tension and offer tailor made reclining of the chair back according to the size and weight of the individual user.  
The wing nuts are easily adjusted by hand and require no tools.
4. To change the seat pitch : The chair back reclines independently of the footrest. The seat and back recline together 
 to maintain lumbar support.  The seat pitch of the chair also tilts to a choice of 18 positions for maximum comfort.
5. To recline the chair back : Using  body pressure, tilt the chair back to your preferred position. The chair will automatically 
 stay in the position where you choose  to settle.